Saturday, July 31, 2010

Against bigotry in all its forms

The liberal-leftist tactic is to cry "racism" when faced with valid criticism. I saw this yesterday From Tarek Fatah on his Facebook page, and it prompted my post: The despicable tactic of the left: Playing the Race Card

We saw it from Hedy Fry, Liberal Party MP from BC who accused the Conservative Party of racism, when in fact it fielded a higher proportion of candidates from ethnic minorities. I call that bigotry and slander.

I find it disgusting to accuse people of racism as a political tactic, and it comes from the left. The problem is this tactic works - sling filth and it sticks - people remember the slander not the true facts.

Here's some evidence [1] from 2001; four instances of trying to paint political opponents as racist:
  • Liberal MP Lynn Myers, Parliamentary Secretary Solicitor General called a Canadian Alliance MP “racist” in the House of Commons, March 16. Then he lied, saying he’d said “rubbish”. He finally retracted his original remark.
  • “Their supporters are Holocaust deniers, prominent bigots and racists,” – Elinor Caplan, Liberal Immigration Minister (The Toronto Star, Nov. 15) 
  • “In an apparent reference to the right-wing policies of the Canadian Alliance, he [Jean Chr├ętien] told the Liberal International conference that ‘we have to keep working’ to combat the forces that ‘appeal to the dark side that exists in human beings.’ “ (Toronto Star, Oct. 29, 2000) 
  • “The policies of Preston Manning, which appeal to peoples’ latent fears…are the same kinds of policies that permit a David Duke of Canada.” – Sheila Copps (Vancouver Sun, November 20, 1991)

That was the tactic of the left then: vilify your opponent, and that is the tactic of the left in the US today under Obama. Scream racist!

I updated my profile today to express my concern:
My aim in this blog is to shed light on leftist ideology & demagoguery by looking at the facts of a matter, rather than the misinformation presented by the media, which is dominated by leftist worldview

A Canadian writer travelling in Siberia during the Soviet era, asked his hosts about their reaction to the state-run propaganda. Their answer was “the difference between us in the USSR and you in the West, is that we know it is propaganda – you don’t realise it”
Do we realise what we are reading and watching is propoganda?

In my opinion, we should challenge every assumption that underlies the ideologies which are presented by our leftist media. Challenge the presuppositions of the CBC and CTV; likewise the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star, and the rest.

Look back at those four bullets claiming racism and the only reason is that the recipients are conservatives.

A unfounded claim of "racism" or a slur like "red-neck" is bigotry and it is divisive, and it should be challenged and opposed. It is the enemy of true integration and harmony.
 [1] My source for bigoted remarks comes from Dr. James Lunney, Member of Parliament for
Nanaimo-Alberni in 2001. You can also read some other repulsive misinformation (lies, falsehoods) from Hedy Fry regarding cross-burnings and KKK activity supposedly in Prince George, BC. It was a slur nine years ago and it is the sort of slur that wont go away.

Gurth Whitaker
Calgary, AB

Friday, July 30, 2010

The despicable tactic of the left: Playing the Race Card

I am disgusted with the cries of racism leveled against critics of Obama; I just read the same vile opinions from Tarek Fatah on his Facebook page. Here's what he wrote:
Tarek Fatah: ... the attacks on Obama from the Republican Right are little more than hatred based on their contempt for his race. Racism is not chemistry or physics that I need to prove via a scientific experiment. People of colour know when racism at play; immigrants and their children know when they are the target and we are also aware when denial sets in. When I see the faces of Republicans sitting in the Senate and the House scowling in sullen silence, there is hate and contempt written on their faces. For these men, a black president MUST fail, no matter what, and my fear is they will succeed.

Apparently Mr. Fatah has the ability to see into people's hearts and know their motives. Their hatred for Obama's disastrous policies, which are dividing the country, is not their real motive - according to Mr. Fatah, their real; motive is hatred because of the colour of Obama's skin.

What drivel comes from the workings of the left-wing mind. According to Mr. Fatah "people of colour know." They don't have to prove it or show it or offer any evidence to level one of the worst labels you can throw at someone; he just  "knows" because he is a person of colour. Well Mr. Fatah that IS racist.

Mr. Fatah I was very pleased when a man of African ancestry was voted to be President, but I hate his policies and his utter ineptitude. Am I racist?  The facts don't count I suppose, I am a person of colour too - white with a tanned face.

It was Democrats in the South who opposed integration and were the founders and members of the KKK, not Republicans who were for integration. But facts don't count to a leftist-liberal.

Here's Anita MonCrief, an African American lady, who blew the whistle on the corruption within ACORN, and who has launched a website
Emerging Corruption is a political news website that provides to the public information and investigations into ACORN and other center-left enterprises. The news website will investigate and expose historically corrupt special interest organizations and will feature information and investigations into organizational tactics, programs, campaigns, staff & initiatives including fund raising and finances.  
I am Filing FEC Charges Against the Obama Administration

Some Obama supporters have leveled the very nasty phrase at African Americans who criticise Obama: they've been called "Uncle Toms" - what can I say about this type of racist left-wing tactic? Vile! Despicable! Contemptible!

How will Mr. Fatah respond to an African American lady who criticise Obama and the corrupt organization ACORN, which actively campaigned to put him in power while funded with Federal money to assist in elections?

Gurth Whitaker, Calgary AB